Founded in 1983 by the current President , Ricman Manufacturing, Inc. has supplied machined parts to over a thousand different companies nationwide and internationally. Our team of highly skilled machinists, programmers and design engineers work together to deliver finished, high quality machined parts and assemblies to meet our customer’s demands, on time and within budget. We take pride in our work and enjoy partnering with our customers to continue to provide high end precision machined parts for any industry.

Ricman Manufacturing Inc. provides high quality CNC machining and fabrication services at extremely competitive pricing. Our production facility is located in a 15000 sq. ft. building centrally located in Hayward, California.

We have provided high quality CNC machining services to industries ranging from Medical Surgical Tables to internal turbine engine parts on a F15 aircraft and to NASA Space Shuttle Parts. We also supply to semiconductor and telecommunication companies. We take pride in the fact that we have remained competitive over the years by adapting our CNC machining skills and equipment to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Business Goals

  • Customer satisfaction starts with reliable results obtained by making high quality (ISO 9001 2015) CNC machined parts on time and on budget. Our goal is to give our customers superior quality, service and precision CNC machined parts.
  • Maintain high quality standards that are applied consistently to each and every customer.
  • Constantly evaluate the latest technology, purchase the top of the line equipment and review operation procedures to improve customer support and service.

Ricman Manufacturing
Ricman Manufacturing
Ricman CNC Precision Manufacturing

Solutions are what you are looking for. We make the best use of your time and money while preserving accuracy. We assist your engineers by suggesting design modifications that make your CNC machined parts more efficient and economical to manufacture. To provide our customers with the best results. Our customers success is our success.

Ricman Manufacturing, Inc.'s quality and service is second to none, we invite you to submit your next CNC machining requirement to us for a quotation.


  • Ricman machines and assembles CNC finished parts for a medical equipment manufacturer and consistently hold tolerances of 0.0002. "We demand extreme accuracy and precision. Ricman delivers consistency" - Purchasing Manager, Medical Equipment Manufacturer
  • The Defense Industrial Supply Center needed internal CNC machined turbine engine parts, fast. We produced them in 75% less time than any other supplier. "Ricman met the deadline AND our budget" - Purchasing Agent, Defense Industrial Supply Center
  • We CNC machined 20 foot long bolts for the NASA wind tunnel out of 4340 aircraft steel with a tolerance of 0.010 over 20 feet. "Ricman's precision and accuracy were critical to the success of our project" - Design Engineer, NASA
  • We supplied 1200 CNC machined parts in just 3 months for a cellular phone service provider. The parts were 10" inches round by 8" deep machined aluminum castings, used to hold components for cellular phone sites. "Quality exceeded our expectations on a crushing deadline" - Design Engineer, Cellular phone system provider.